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To thank you for the time you will take to write and post the review for us, we are sending you an small gift.

Prepaid VISA gift card

The value of your VISA gift card will be determined based on the total of steps followed below.

+ Kindly complete at least 2 of the following steps (Each step is worth $10 and minimum card value is $20).

+ If you complete all 4 steps, you will receive $50 instead of $40.

+ Deadline May 1, 2020


>> 4 EASY STEPS <<

Google Review ($10)

Write a short review on me, about how my ideas and knowledge helped and solved your design criteria on your renovation job.

You can post it on google using the link below. Copy (Ctrl+C ) the review before submitting to be able to Paste (Ctrl-V) in other sections.

Google Review

Facebook Review ($10)

Copy and paste your google review on my Facebook review on my Facebook page.

Facebook Review

Houzz Review ($10)

Copy and paste your google review on Houzz.

if asked, search by "shakeri" as professional & "montreal" as city.

Houzz Review

Post an action shot ($10)

Post an action shot of your renovation job completed on our Facebook page.

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